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Loacs Erepams

Having both musical and artistic parents, Loacs Erepams was immersed in music right from the outset and it is safe to say that creativity runs strongly in the family. At a tender age his parents bought him his first 50 MHz computer and the story began. After around 14 years of being dissatisfied with all of the radio and instrument surrounds, this French born producer started to paste some samples together on a free software program. The love for the deep and intelligent sounds grew and grew inside the unique and wonderful mind. Loacs has a hunger for classic analogue sounds and alternating study and work as a computer/Networks technician funded his addiction. His sound is like no other and this man has so much to offer to our energy craving brains. Loacs first Ep came out on Maripoza Rec and was publicized in Future Music magazine. The 2nd EP was released on the great Proton label and he is now responsible for a very special monthly show on Proton Radio. He has united with Mind Field records and his first release sets the pace of this much-needed and indescribable sound.

Nicholas D

Nicholas D is a man that follows his heart and soul. He brings truth to the words that you only live once and that the music lives inside you. Having been deeply immersed in the Electronic scene under various other aliases (Global Warning, The Minimal Kidz) and having experience with most, if not all, sides of the industry, it is perhaps fair to say that it is only now that this Australian born producer is starting to make magic. He founded Mind Field Records in 2010 as a result of feeling that there was no other place for this special music. Perhaps Border Community is the closest label to this style and sound. Also influenced heavily by his pioneering analogue father - Geoffrey d'Ombrain, he loves to work the sounds out of synths and highlight the life within these mindful machines. Regularly using the rare Roland System 700, Nicholas D has a warm and impressive natural sound. He is working on an album in 2011 and with artists and friends such as Lianne Hall. We can expect some very special things in the years to come from this Berlin based Mind Field founder.

Men with a Plan

The Men with a Plan idea first came about when the like-minded University friends ¡lker Ciftci and Can Cakmakci met in 2006. Prior to dedication and concentration towards the band, Can and ¡lker were working on many of their own solo projects. By sharing a united focus they evolved with the times and put forward their influences and aggregations by producing their debut album - "Batteries Not Included" - and releasing it in 2010. Reflecting fine examples of Rocktronica and Minimal Techno gems, Men with a Plan collaborates with Erdinc Kaya on guitars. With a successful launch MWAP gains a huge impact on local and common scenes with their refined melodramatic synth-rock melodies and German-Canadian techno dubs. Playing around Europe as a live outfit, this trio is exciting and full of a mind field like emotion.

Ivan Murco

Scottish born and Berlin based Ivan Murco is the latest name to join the Mind field Records Roster. Since relocating to Berlin two years ago Ivan has been steadily building a reputation for himself as one of the new bread of techno artists emerging in the city through is Hypnotic dub infused performances and releases, "" recently describing him as bringing "dubbed out & deep integrity" to his last remix and was featured on there what we play recommendations. Its not all dark late night sounds with Ivan though as his debut Mind field release (a remix of Loacs Erepams - Suddenly it Jumped) shows a deep yet uplifting melodic slice of techno, perfect for outdoor summer festivals or after party crowds. With more releases to come and an increasingly busy gig schedule, Ivan Murco is sure to become 1 of the names to watch in 2011 and beyond.

Geoffrey d'Ombrain

An Electronic music pioneer! Born 1931, Geoffrey d'Ombrain has been a music composer and leader for an extremely long time. Having toured the world studying most of the major Electronic Music studios / synthesizers of the late 70's & early 80's & getting to know some of the greats like Robert Moog & Don Buchla, Geoffrey's involvement and passion was never in question. As the head of the music department at Melbourne state College, Geoffrey made it his life to bring new ideas and methods to the world of contemporary music. Things like light controlled synthesizers and self-perpetuating soundscapes were just part of a days work. Having worked with many greats, one of Geoffrey's main accomplishments was a series of works from 1978-1991 in Electronic music. These works will be re-mastered and featured on Mind Field records as a tribute to this true pioneer. These sounds are magic and simply do not grow old. Homage to the fact that Analogue will never die!

Lianne Hall

Lianne Hall is a wonderful soul and enjoys opportunities to keep her magical voice expressing through diversified outlets.. Some significant accomplishments include: recording with Paul Hartnoll (of Orbital fame) for his new solo album, the recording of a duet with The Cure’s Robert Smith, and now some interesting collaborations with Nicholas D'Ombrain (Nicholas D) the man behind Mind Field Records. Lianne's recent solo album ‘Crossing Wires’ has a beautiful sound and it received very positive critique. To add to this, she had the John Peel seal of approval when he mentioned her as “one of the great English voices”. At risk of understating all of these achievements, they all add up to make a pretty impressive artist. The sincerity in Hall’s lyrics & attitude remain constant... Nicholas D describes her as being a "joy & inspiration that encourages pure music". With a voice out there to rival the likes of Joni Mitchell, Lianne Hall’s discernible talent can't be ignored and her involvement in Mind Field Records is taken as a great honor! We can only imagine the wild and crazy places that this will take us...

The Definition...

An interim space inside ones head where a degree of differentiation between the forces becomes a Mind Field of potential.

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Does the world really need another independent House or Techno label?... Well, If your answer is yes then the reasoning behind the creation of the Mind Field probably won't make your world spin in the right direction... It's a collective of enthusiastic music loving producers that appreciate the music that is not necessarily the latest craze or fashion... but rich, unique sounding music that border's more on the side of being undefinable in genre. It must have that something... Be it deep emotion or just raw excitement. Appeal to the depth of the minds out there.... A field of possibility for the unheard. Techno, House, Minimal – It all counts but we're craving that something a little bit personal and special...
Afterall, your roots must come from somewhere in this web of immense proportions.

The aim of Mind Field Records is to live and grow together... To take on board opinion's and shape the future of the wildly esoteric yet groovy sounds around us.

Melodic or Emotional EDM, Unique, Deep, Techno, Drone and a dash of Experimental...

Influenced by the likes of: Border Community, Trapez, Traum Schallplatten, Beachcoma, Maripoza, Kompakt Extra, Doppelgänger, Shabu Recordings, Proton Music, BCBtec, Dumb Unit, Sender Records, Connaisseur Recordings, Echocord, Manual Music, Soniculture, Silver Planet, Balance Music, Osgut Ton, M-nus, Bpitch Control, etc.